Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 2 Episode 1 – ‘Take It To The House’ –

  • kinky twist

    Im sorry but im tired of these artist lingering on old ass music , take it to the house i was soooooo long ago ! Trick daddy face do look like a tv dinner brownie tho lol What else yall got fuk ,prince fine, young hollywood fine .

  • Michele Ellis

    I do not like that Jessie girl I feel like she’s willing to do or say anything to be on camera

  • Xoxopinkey

    They can definitely make it work. They’re communicating just not clear enough so that they both can understand each other’s POV and come together to compromise.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Tip seems cool but the fact that she just hopped up after tryna bring some heat to the table had me hot! how are you just gonna end your moms experience bc you couldn’t handle what you was stirring up?

  • Xoxopinkey

    I’m happy for Amara! Her manager does look a little shady. I hope she ain’t out here looking cray cray.

  • Xoxopinkey

    When Joy said anybody is better than Shay I chucked hard lol she’s right. Shay is a hot ass mess!

  • Xoxopinkey

    It’s about time for her to wrap up careee and move on to bigger and better things.

  • Xoxopinkey

    I like Prince and Bobbys relationship. There needs to be better boundaries period that alone will tell you if he’s really your friend.

  • Xoxopinkey

    I love Gunplay but I honestly feel like he should seek advice from someone that’s married btw I guess they needed something to talk about lol

  • Xoxopinkey

    Is Pretty Ricky going to be on the B2K tour? I’m asking for a friend lol

  • shasyl

    Kandise you are an ugly big forehead lace front wig wearing bitch

  • Dee Cade

    Clearly somebody told Trina to turn up or get cut!

  • Causewhy?

    Gunplay is VERY basic. When he was in the hallway crying all i could think was that his hair look llike three big braids wrapped in couch cushion. Trick Faddy needs a complete overhaul. He puts me in mind of the poop emoji. And why he always bbqing huge cuts of meat? Get healthy man! And why does it seem like bobbylites is slways wearing the same thing? And why Amara cant put her fro up in a puff? Or twists or off to the side? A blonde streak. Something. These are questions that need answers.

  • Everything Krysta said I felt that!!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Why is Prince not a model??

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I don’t think Prince is gay, he’s just a pretty ass nigga and ugly women can’t take him.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I don’t think Prince is gay, he’s just a pretty ass nigga and ugly women can’t take him.

  • Sierra Vaughn

  • Carrie Kittles

    Not sure why but amara always was annoying to me!!! Love Kearra and gunplay! I hope continues to fight for what they have! Amara in every dm huh? Jojo reminds me of Nikki baby. Tip definitely pulled her card!!! You can’t be real acting like that!. Over this show already!

  • shasyl

  • Jaz

    Why does it bother you if the afro is real or not. Worry about you sir

  • shasyl

  • Lacy4u

    So are you agreeing that I should go to bed or that you can see she has on an afro wig? LOL

  • Lacy4u

    Is it just me or does anyone else seem to think that Amara is sporting one of those half wig afros?? It appears that she has her own hair pulled out along the perimeter (from ear to ear) but then she has a fake afro wig sitting on top of the hair she has pulled out. Every time she’s on camera I can’t stop staring at her hair. It actually looks like I can see where her hair ends and the wig begins. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me and I need to go to bed. LOL

  • rp

    The show is so weak and stupid, not interested!!!

  • R C

    This is like a english telenovela.

  • Lacy4u

    Whoa, wait…is that the same Miss Mulatto that won the Rap Game???

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    TRICK IS TOXIC AF!!!!! He is CLEARLY suffering from severe depression from his battle with lupus, and emotionally tortures and beats up whoever is close to him, his ex-wife, Trina etc. He may even be messin w Trina to get back at his ex-wife. Trina needs to roll the eff on before she wastes whats left of her career waiting on Trick. She needs to work w other Miami artist, see if Rick Ross can help her flip her relaunch her career.

  • bossrere

    I get it she’s hatian but why does she keep sister like that? That’s annoying

    I’m not feelin jojo as of right now, something is just weird about her.

    Trina that tNt album won’t save you, move on to new business ventures while you still have a platform.

    Keyara and tip seem like the realest ones on this cast…. so far

  • Queen Beez

    Is Prince gonna finally come out this season?

    I like Keyara. It’s not everyday you see a woman admit that a nigga ain’t good for or to her, and she stand her ground & know her worth. Don’t give in girl, once a cheater…. most likely always one.

  • Love Jones

    Amara is the only rising star on this show, so now everyone hating on her. I guess Amara is Jessie whoever reason for being on the show. Jessie rubs me the wrong way. Oh, and her mother talking about Jesus with all that spiritually in Haiti and that is what she clings too? LHH turning the chocolate sistahs against eachother. Good job Mona Scott smh.

  • facesittr

    same thing I wasthinking it looks like a strung up ham or pernilll

  • shasyl

    Prince is gay and he need to cut the bullshit

  • 1280Fifth

    That scene with Jessie and her mama in the church was hilarious! Her mama is sooo Caribbean. When she was like “ boom boom” I died.

  • Bittersweet_Vengeance_504

    I’m here to see my girl Amara La Negra!

  • Lala Marie Powell

  • shasyl

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