Marelli: 'Handball rules will change'

Former referee Luca Marelli claims the ‘voluntary’ part of rules on handball will be scrapped in the next IFAB meeting in March.

The matter was already discussed in November’s meeting of the International Football Association Board.

It has caused controversy in Serie A, particularly over the last few weeks, with different interpretations of handball even using VAR technology.

“As emerged in November’s meeting, the IFAB are reflecting on the possibility of eliminating the concept of voluntary handball, because there needs to be more clarity,” former referee Marelli told Radio CRC.

“Objectively, nobody can understand anything at the moment. We’ve got to reset everything and start again from the basics.

“It will be discussed in March, certainly, as the protocol for VAR is showing some huge problems.”

Marelli also had his say on the failure to interrupt Inter v Napoli after three warnings for racist abuse aimed at Kalidou Koulibaly.

“The referee isn’t the issue here. UEFA’s statement said there was an error in applying the protocol, but it doesn’t say who failed to apply it. The problem there is the referee had to follow the orders of the security chief.”

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