Marotta: 'There is no Icardi split'

Inter director Giuseppe Marotta was irritated at constant questions on Mauro Icardi, but insisted “there’s no need to fix anything, seeing as there is no split.”

The game with Cagliari kicks off at the Sardegna Arena at 19.30 GMT.

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As he arrived at the Sky Sport Italia microphone, Marotta was immediately asked if Icardi’s social media outburst had changed the situation.

“It’s irrelevant. We have talked too much about this, we are still talking about it, but the focus of the club, team and Coach should be on this very important game,” the director told Sky Sport Italia.

“These are internal matters, we’ll deal with the player himself and I don’t feel there’s the need to fix anything, seeing as there has been no split. There is absolutely no split.

“I am not playing tonight, but I too am more focused on the game. We deserved to win at Fiorentina, we are left with bitter regrets and anger that we will turn into positive energy for this match and the next.”

The questions remained on the same subject, namely whether or not Icardi would be sold within Italy or just abroad.

“We never talked about a sale abroad or anything else. I don’t wish to be rude, but please change the subject. I am not the person who can talk about this issue.

“There was also this supposed controversy between club and Coach, but I can assure you we are very united and are working together to help the team grow in future.

“Football is a team sport and not an individual one. There’s a real battle for the top four, the table shifts every weekend and we must always keep our foot on the gas, because the others are nipping at our heels. We need to get three points at all costs.”

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