Mauro Icardi Not Allowing Maxi Lopez To See His Own Kids

Mauro Icardi’s time at Inter isn’t go according to plan right now and now one of his former teammates has stuck the boot in. Admittedly it was the man who used to be married to his wife.

Only a couple of weeks ago Mauro Icardi lost the captaincy at Inter. The Argentine forward is the club’s main man and their best player but an argument about his contract saw him lose the armband and get dropped from the squad.

Some of the issues are to do with Icardi’s agent/wife Wanda Nara but it’s not the first time she’s been at the centre of controversy for the striker.

Icardi met Nara when she was married to Maxi Lopez, who at the time was the striker’s partner upfront at Sampdoria, before she dropped one Argentinian for another.

Lopez has now explained that he isn’t allowed to talk to his kids, who is parented by Nara and Icardi, because of the pair. Speaking to Radio La 990, via Football Italia, Lopez said:

“I’ve always tried to keep a low profile for my children. My objective has always been that so my children couldn’t criticise me once they grew up.

“That’s why I’ve preferred to clam up. Sometimes I react but my objective has always been to protect my children. I only reply when they attack me.

“Now I’m not seeing my children. Sometimes I’m not even allowed to talk to them on the phone.

“The last time I saw them was in December. I saw them a few hours in January after I asked Vasco for special dispensation.

“My relationship with Wanda is difficult. There’s no harmony. For many years we only spoke through lawyers because it was so complicated.

“Mauro has the same attitude as her, sometimes even worse. It’s for that reason I decided not to stay in touch with him.

“His behaviour is always the same. I told him he’d understand certain things once he became a father, but he didn’t.

“For example, yesterday was my son’s birthday and they attacked me over the phone. What kind of relationship can you have with people like that?”

Wanda and Icardi talk to each other in the stand at a recent Inter game. Image: PA Images

Wanda and Icardi talk to each other in the stand at a recent Inter game. Image: PA Images

Lopez did show some sympathy for Icardi’s current situation and revealed that Nara wanted to be his agent when they were married but he wouldn’t, saying, “I think what’s happening is that the Inter executives have got fed up with her and her way of doing things, plus Icardi isn’t playing at the same level as he did in the past and this situation was created on the back of that.

“Good agents make the difference because they know how to read moments like these. They know when to press, when to speak, when to keep quiet.

“I believe that a player of his quality must be represented by a person who befits his quality.

“Wanda offered to become my agent too but no, I never had her as an agent. I wanted to preserve my family, I wanted harmony and I wanted to separate the two.”

It makes John Terry and Wayne Bridge’s issues look like nothing.

Will Icardi end up signing a new deal or will he move on?

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