May the wonderful Bre Payton rest in peace

It’s simply devastating to learn that Bre Payton has died at the young age of 26 after the shocking and sudden onset of swine flu (or meningitis) that hit her after Christmas.

Many of you may have known Bre as a feisty, funny, and sarcastic Federalist author or from her frequent appearances on television. But anybody who met her in real life mainly knew her as a wonderful person.

One of the first times I met Bre was at a dinner with a few other conservatives. As we were standing outside the restaurant afterward, I realized I was out of cash and my phone was out of battery. Before I could run off to the nearest ATM to withdraw money, Bre ordered a Lyft to take me home. When I later contacted her about paying her back, she only said, “Don’t worry about it. You’d do the same for me.”

Though we were not close friends, Bre was always friendly, and you could see that she was interested in people’s lives. Every time she saw me, without fail, she’d first ask how my family was doing — even though she had never met them. She just knew that family was important to me, as it was to her.

So it was sad and shocking for me to have read this morning that she was in a coma, fighting for her life and in need of a miracle.

Then Morgan Murtaugh, her close friend who discovered her unconscious on Thursday, tweeted out the incredibly sad news:

Thank you everyone for your prayers. It is with a heavy heart that I type this. Unfortunately Bre has passed. Please send prayers to her family. Rest in paradise you beautiful soul.

— Morgan Murtaugh (@morganmurtaugh)
December 28, 2018

I cannot even begin to imagine how painful and heartbreaking this must be to her family and dearest friends, and I know that no words can lessen the blow of their loss. All I can do is offer all of my prayers to all who loved her, hoping that God may give them all the strength they need to persevere. May Bre rest in peace. She will not be forgotten.

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