Meet The Fake Footballer Who Fooled Everyone Into Thinking He Was Juventus Wonderkid

Meet The Fake Footballer Who Fooled Everyone Into Thinking He Was Juventus Wonderkid

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dionicio Farid Rodriguez, the 20-year-old who has been exposed for inventing the life of a Juventus player.

Rodriguez, who massed over 16.2k Instagram followers thanks to his fake identity, went as far as giving interviews to talk about his experience in Turin, inventing games and goals despite not playing a single minute for the Old Lady.

The defender successfully fooled thousands into thinking he was the next big thing.

According to an interview with Mexican newspaper The World, he claimed of scoring 10 goals in a single campaign for Juventus during his time with the U20 squad, playing as a central defender in the team.

Rodriguez posted pictures of him wearing the famous black and white of Juventus on his now deleted official Instagram page, reportedly interacting with fans about his experiences, according to MSN.

So, how did he get away with such a convincing story?

The ‘player’ edited a real image of Joao Serrao, who genuinely plays in the Juventus academy. Take a look at the below tweet:

It turns out the Mexican defender actually played for Lobos BUAP and Pumas de la UNAM, according to Spanish publication MARCA, a far cry from the Serie A giants.

Here’s a closer look at the interview. He really did put some time and effort into this one. Crazy.

Image: El Marcador

Image: El Marcador

This story could be made into a film. Absolutely incredible.

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