Mexican Fans Took Cardboard Cut Out Of Friend To World Cup

Mexican Fans Took Cardboard Cut Out Of Friend To World Cup

This article first appeared on June 17th 2018.

A group of Mexican supporters have achieved viral status after taking a life-size cardboard cut-out of their mate to the World Cup.

During the World Cup in 2014 four years back, five mates from Durango made the decision that they would be making the long, arduous journey to Russia in a colourful Mexican-themed bus.

They had saved up to cover the costs of an expensive yet rewarding trip and were set to begin their journey of a lifetime in April, but then one of the lads, Javier gave them the news they all fear. He had to pull off the trip because his wife wouldn’t let him.

A Mexico fan over in Russia. Image: PA

A Mexico fan over in Russia. Image: PA

He dropped the bombshell on a Facebook video and left the Wolfpack a man down for their World Cup adventure. However, the quartet came up with a genius plan to make sure his presence was felt in Russia with them – creating an outstanding cardbout cut-out of Javier, where he is wearing a t-shirt that says: “My wife didn’t let me”.

Having arrived just in time for the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia, the lads have set up a Facebook group where they have been documenting their travels and taking pictures with Javier’s cut-out everywhere they go. The page has garnered over 181,000 likes and has made for some excellent content.

In one of our other favourite fan stories over in Russia, which also involves some Mexican supporters, a disabled Egyptian fan was lifted up in the fan zone so he could see his country’s game.

What a game football is…

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