Miley Cyrus hints at marriage to Liam Hemsworth by sharing romantic photos in white dress


Miley Cyrus broke her Twitter silence to say her home “no longer stands” because of the California wildfires.

Is Miley Cyrus confirming her rumored wedding to Liam Hemsworth?

The singer posted a series of black-and-white, romantic photos of herself and her actor fiance on social media Wednesday, only days after fans speculated about their nuptials.

In the photos, Cyrus is seen in a white dress and Hemsworth is dressed up in a suit and tie. Flowers are also seen behind them.

Two of the photos show the couple in a warm embrace while the third is a close-up of them kissing. Only one photo was shared with a simple caption: “10 years later …..”

Fans began speculating the pair had tied the knot on Monday after pal Conrad Carr posted photos and videos to his Instagram story that showed Cyrus in a white dress, cutting a cake alongside her movie star man. In Carr’s post, Cyrus and Hemsworth were surrounded by family and friends.

A video clip shows the three Hemsworth brothers, Liam, Chris and Luke, taking a shot together with balloons that read “Mr. and Mrs.” in the background. A photo also shows Cyrus’s mom, Trish, looking casual in light jeans and a black top. 

Though Cyrus’ latest caption doesn’t reveal much, the photos sure appear to confirm the happy news!

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