Nate Diaz Defends Conor McGregor For The Second Time

Nate Diaz Defends Conor McGregor For The Second Time

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz had a pretty heated rivalry at one point but the two men ended things with great respect. Now the American is coming to the defence of the Irishman against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It’s difficult for anyone to have a rivalry with Conor McGregor without it becoming heated. The Notorious is famous for his insults and quick wit and he feeds off controversy and people biting back at him.

Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Floyd Mayweather have all been the biggest fights of McGregor’s career and they’ve also been the most notable and heated of rivalries, during the Mayweather build up the UFC fighter even managed to wind up Paulie Malignaggi.

Probably the fiercest of his rivalries was the most recent one with Nurmagomedov with McGregor getting very personal about his opponent and Khabib’s manager, leading to the post fight scenes.

Speaking to Off The Brawl podcast Khabib’s coach Javier Mendez said, “I look at this as more of a prizefight than I do sport. I want the biggest prizefight and the biggest prizefight hands down is, there’s no comparison, it’s Conorobviously I want a rematch because that’s what this is – the biggest prize fight.”

Writing on Twitter Khabib’s manager clearly reckoned that the Notorious didn’t want a rematch:

But Nate Diaz came to the defence of the man he’s fought twice with his reply on social media:

It’s the second time recently that Diaz has come to the aid on social media of the man he beat in their first fight.

The trilogy fight between Diaz and McGregor is one that intrigues people but it looks like if it did happen it would be under much more respectful circumstances.

Of course the Stockton native could be trying to get himself a fight against the Eagle whilst a rematch between McGregor and his latest rival is also likely at some point.

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