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It has been a topic of long discussion but in a short and a bit of a confusing explanation, NVIDIA seems to be making a move to support adaptive sync (aka FreeSync). The feature will be enabled in future drivers, however, will only work on selected monitors.

From the looks of the monitors that are going to be supported need to be tested by NVIDIA and thus certified by NVIDIA. We’re sure that is a partner certification program that needs to be paid for by the monitor manufacturers to get that new ‘GSYNC Compatible’ logo. So in one way or another, that might invoke a price premium.

Merely (a handful of the current 500+ monitors will be enabled support to Adaptive Sync on GeForce graphics cards. That number should expand over time. Multiple monitors have been tested and certified including monitors from Acer, ASUS, AOC, Agon and BenQ. These will get driver enabled for adaptive sync on January 15th. The certified monitors will be called ‘ GSYNC Compatible’.

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