People Are Waiting For ‘The Curse Of Drake’ To Happen In Premier League Title Race

People Are Waiting For ‘The Curse Of Drake’ To Happen In Premier League Title Race

Liverpool fans have been given some fresh optimism in the Premier League title race purely because of rap superstar Drake.

The Canadian kicked off his two-month European tour with back-to-back shows at the Manchester Arena and linked up with Manchester City’s all-time top scorer, Sergio Aguero, on Sunday.

The two posed for a picture and Kun presented ‘Drizzy’ with a City shirt complete with his name and number. And it’s got a lot of people thinking that Pep Guardiola’s side could become the latest victims of the infamous ‘Drake Curse’.

October’s Very Own is a big sports fan but it seems like every team he develops a connection with, ends up being doomed.

For starters the Kentucky Basketball team haven’t won a title since 2012 while the Toronto Raptors cannot seem to buy a finals’ appearance to save their lives.

Drake walked out with Conor McGregor for his UFC 229 fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov and that ended with the Irishman getting easily submitted and then at the centre of a post-fight melee in the Octagon.

Some college football fans blamed the 32-year old as a bad luck charm for Alabama losing to Clemson in January after Drake sported an Alabama hoodie in the build-up, while he’s also been cited as the main factor in shock defeats for the Golden State Warriors and Serena Williams.

And Liverpool fans are well aware of the Drake hoodoo as because back in 2013/14, Daniel Sturridge gave him a signed shirt.

That particular season is of course remembered for Liverpool bottling the title (primarily because of a Steven Gerrard slip) and allowing City to win their second Premier League crown.

Will the dreaded ‘Drake Curse’ strike again or is City denying Liverpool a first title for 28 years part of God’s Plan?

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