Probe ex-SC judge Kurian Joseph’s charge: Congress

Party says its case has been vindicated

The Congress said here on Monday that the statement made by the retired Supreme Court judge Kurian Joseph about the January 12 press conference by four judges against the then Chief Justice of India (CJI), Dipak Misra, only “proved” its allegation that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government was interfering with the judiciary at the highest level.”

Apart from a response from the Prime Minister, the Congress demanded separate judicial and parliamentary inquiries into Justice Joseph’s charge.

“The then CJI was working under some influence of some external source. He was remote-controlled by an external source. There was some influence of some external source that was impacting the administration of justice,” Justice Joseph told PTI on Monday.

Earlier, days after retiring from the Supreme Court, Justice Joseph told a newspaper that the four senior-most judges of the top court addressed the press only after they “felt” that the former CJI was under external influence and allocated cases to judges with political biases. The retired judge did not spell out who or what the external influence was.

“Justice Joseph has in clear and unequivocal terms talked of the arbitrary Bench selection, external influences, by implication remote controls, and political biases injected into the system by the Government of India, by the ruling party,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said at a press conference.

“We, therefore, demand a response from the PM, and we demand it immediately. The nation rightfully wants to know the true nature, the true extent, the degree and the subject matter of interference talked about. We further condemn this unconstitutional, invasive and illegal effort by the government,” he said.

Neither the BJP nor the government have reacted to the remarks of Justice Joseph or the Congress.

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