Real Madrid planning of signing Premier league duo

For many, the Premier League is the most exciting league in world football. However, the English top-flight does not contain the goliaths of European football of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

These two La Liga clubs are considered by many as on a different level when it comes to the size of their clubs and talent on the pitch. Manchester United may claim to have a brand that can compete with the Spanish giants, while Manchester City may play better or equally good football on the actual pitch.

However, the sad truth is that when Real Madrid or Barcelona come calling it is hard to resist for most footballers. According to Sky Sports, Real Madrid are doing just that for Premier League duo Eden Hazard and Paul Pogba this summer.

Hazard deserves the move

It is harsh to say, but Eden Hazard is now too good for Chelsea. The Blues are now a team scraping around for Champions League football. The last few seasons have seen their standards drop from title challengers to a team just competing for top-four.

They do not have the team or squad to compete with the best in England, never mind Europe. Hazard has played a key role in every success the Blues have enjoyed in recent years.

This season the diminutive Belgian has scored 16 goals and produced 13 assists in the Premier League. His teammates are simply not on the same level. At 28-years-old, Hazard deserves to be starring for a team like Real Madrid, who under Zinedine Zidane may be capable of challenging for the big trophies.

If he moves to La Liga, Hazard will receive the acclaim he arguably misses out on playing for Chelsea. Hazard is now odds of 1/6 to be a Real Madrid player by the end of the summer transfer window.

Pogba’s head has been elsewhere in recent months

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is a temperamental character. If he is happy, he is one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the world. If he is not, then he can act like a moody child who has seen his Playstation confiscated for poor behaviour.

This season has encapsulated the midfielder. His record of 13 top-flight goals and ten assists is a respectable one that is for sure. However, he has gone through wild swings in form. During the last few months of Jose Mourinho’s reign at United, he was non-existent.

Then at the start Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign with the Red Devils he looked world-class again. The last few weeks, arguably the last few months, he has returned to the disinterested Pogba of the dying embers of Mourinho’s reign. Maybe a big-money move to the Spanish capital would make him happy, but for how long though?

Hazard would be the biggest loss

There is a very real possibility that both Pogba and Hazard could leave for the Spanish capital this summer. Hazard would definitely be a bigger loss to Chelsea and even the Premier League as a whole.

Hazard is a bigger influence on his team and Chelsea could find it impossible to replace the highly talented Belgian international. At the minute, there would be mixed feelings towards Pogba’s exit from United fans.

Red Devils fans know that the French midfielder is talented. However, they will also see that he looks to have downed tools at times at United. It would not be unfair to suggest that the majority of United fans would not shed a tear if Pogba leaves this summer.

Real Madrid are in major need of a fresh injection of talent after a season of struggle and strife. Los Blancos are a club accustomed to signing the biggest names. Pogba and Hazard are certainly two of the biggest names in the Premier League.

Maybe Zidane can get the best out of compatriot Pogba if so then he could be a good signing for Real Madrid. There is also a feeling that Hazard would relish a move to Madrid and thrive in the Spanish top-flight.

All-in-all, a move to Real Madrid could prove to be very good for the players, even if it is not necessarily good for their clubs, in particular, Chelsea.

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