Richard Wilkins makes embarrassing gaffe about model Erin McNaught

Big night, Dickie? Richard Wilkins makes embarrassing gaffe as he calls model Erin McNaught ‘Erin McCormack’ on Today Extra the morning after the Logie Awards

By Joe Scek For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:56 EDT, 30 June 2019 | Updated: 23:56 EDT, 30 June 2019

It’s been 10 years since veteran entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins made a most notorious on-air blunder that could have almost ended his career. 

But on Monday, Richard, 64, proved that old habits die hard as he made yet another embarrassing gaffe during a live segment on Today Extra

Dickie as he is affectionately known, called former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught, ‘Erin McCormack’, while talking about Logies fashion.

Richard’s unkept hair and normally taut visage looked less perky than usual as he anchored the fashion segment live from The Star on the Gold Coast.

‘Jess Mauboy and Erin McCormack here, wearing orange’ he began, before excitedly giving his informed fashion opinion. 

‘Bright colours, vibrant colours, colours of could say’. said Richard as he introduced a photo set of the Australian Idol winner and model, Erin McNaught.

The moment went without correction from Richard’s co-hosts David Campbell, Leila McKinnon and Sophie Monk.

Orange is the new black! Erin McNaught (pictured) who suffered a makeup fail at the Logies on Sunday night, as she posed with bizarre white marks under her eyes, was embarrassingly referred to as Erin McCormack by Richard Wilkins Live on Today as he discussed her, and Australian Idol winner Jess Mauboy’s orange gowns 

‘They look amazing!’, said Leila, as she played coy about Richard’s error.

 ‘The both killed it…didn’t they”, claimed Sophie. 

‘I don’t think I could wear that colour,’ admitted Leila, before turning to Sophie to ask ‘could you Soph?’

I’m a celeb! Get me out of here.. Co-host David Campbell, Leila Mckinnon and Sophie Monk looked on perplexed as Richard’s made the embarrassing gaffe

Big night? Richard’s unkept hair and taut visage looked less perky than usual as he anchored the fashion segment with David Campbell 

‘Not without a massive spray tan’ quipped the Love Island host, adding, ‘I’d  probably match it, being orange’  

Sophie’s spray tan crack comes days after Richard was spotted sporting what appeared to be a fresh spray tan. 

Richard’s latest blunder comes nearly a decade to the day he interrupted wall-to-wall media coverage about King of Pop Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, to break news of another untimely celeb death. 

Tan and loving it! A very golden Richard Wilkins (left) and girlfriend Virginia Burmeister (right) were all smiles as they were pictured on Saturday, arriving on the Gold Coast

Richard, a journalist with over three decades experience, rushed to get the ‘news’ to air before substantiating the claims. 

‘We are reading reports Jeff Goldblum has died whilst filming in New Zealand. — This is completely, completely well, New Zealand police are saying he that fell to his death, Jeff Goldblum,’ Richard said gravely at the time.

Goldblum was alive and well, and of course, not dead, as he addressed the report  on The Colbert Report days later.

‘Wow… I guess I really am dead,’ Jeff said, before jokingly reciting his own eulogy. 

‘Jeff Goldblum’s performances combined the muscularity of Brando, the pathos of Streep and the musky sensuality of a pride of baboons.’ 

Don’t call it a comeback! Richard Wilkins reported live on television in 2009 that actor, Jeff Goldblum had died, during wall-to-wall media coverage about King of Pop Michael Jackson death to despite not having any substantiated evidence to back up his grave claims, 


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