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Updated: Tue 6:38 PM, Jan 15, 2019

ROCK FALLS, Illinois (KWQC) – Danielle Finkle’s son, Hudsyn, lost function in his left arm and had trouble walking after what started out as a common cold just a few months ago. She had a feeling he could have Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) after doing some research, but now she knows for a fact.

“Not once has that child ever asked me, ‘Why me? Why’d I get sick? Why can’t I?’ He’s never asked me,” said Danielle.

Hudsyn Finkle is on the road to recovery after a specialist in Chicago confirmed he was one of the rare cases of AFM.

“The fact that there was possibilities that it could be a chronic neurological condition, so now we don’t have to worry that this will happen again because once you have AFM – it affects you once and it doesn’t come back again,” she said.

He’s already made huge strides, moving his left arm more and more after not being able to at all. He can even jump now.

“With the progress Hudsyn has made, we don’t have any reason to believe that he won’t keep progressing,” Danielle added.

While it’s been scary, at least one positive has come from this entire process – all of his doctor visits have made Hudsyn much more social.

“He’s really come out of his shell with this whole ordeal,” said his mom. “He used to never talk to strangers at all and now he’ll talk to just about anyone because he’s just had to come out. It’s neat to see his socialization and communication skills grow as well.”

There’s still plenty of physical therapy and strengthening to be done to make the full recovery, but Hudsyn’s family is more than happy with how far he’s already come.

“It’s all case by case, child by child scenario because some children don’t make any progress at all from onset,” said Danielle. “We’re very lucky and grateful that he has made progress.”

Hudsyn is back to full days at school, and has physical therapy to retrain and strengthen the muscles effected by the condition.

Danielle says he’s so strong at such a young age, she couldn’t be more proud with how he’s handled the last few months.

A few researchers have contacted her about helping them learn more about the illness. Danielle says she was concerned Hudsyn would be scared to do any more tests, but he’s good with it. He says he wants to help others.

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