Sam Elliott lands his first Oscar nomination for A Star Is Born

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Sam Elliott 

Starring In: A Star Is Born

Age: 74

Oscar Past: 0 Noms

Role Call: Bobby, the older brother of troubled rocker Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), who goes to war with his sibling throughout the film before ultimately making peace with him.

It didn’t take much convincing on Bradley Cooper’s part to get Sam Elliott to sign on for A Star Is Born. Remembers Elliott of their first meeting: “I’d never met Bradley before that. We spent a couple of hours at his home, and we talked about family and mothers and where his vision was for the film and the relationship [between] Bobby and Jack. There wasn’t any question when I left there that I wanted to do it.” Elliott has only a handful of scenes in ASIB, but he and Cooper are able to movingly convey an entire history of rivalry and anger between the Maine brothers. The actor, who has been in show business for over 50 years, might finally take home his first Oscar statue, for Best Supporting Actor. Jokes Elliott, “It’s pretty amazing. It’s like I’m winning the war of attrition or something. I’m just proud to be part of it.”

—Additional reporting by Bill Keith

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