SEIKO and Patlabor Join Forces for 30th Anniversary Wristwatch

Celebrate 30 years of Headgear’s award-winning Patlabor franchise with a specially designed watch from Seiko!

The silver watch pulls in elements of the series’s iconic robot, or “labor,” with yellow and red accents and black faces within the main watch face. The watch’s back plate is engraved with the series title and SV.II (denoting Special Vehicle 2nd), while the latch features the SEIKO brand name and five-screw design.

It also glows in the dark!

Pre-orders are now open on the Hobbystock website for 35,000 yen, and the run is limited to 300 units. Orders will ship out in December of this year.

>> Pre-Order Patlabor Anniversary Watch from Hobbystock



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