Spalletti rages at ref: 'It was clear!'

Luciano Spalletti raged at the referee after Inter’s controversial 3-3 draw with Fiorentina. “There are no doubts, no maybe, no perhaps. It hit his chest! It’s clear!”

The chaotic match saw the Viola go ahead after 16 seconds, then the Nerazzurri turned it around to go 2-1 up before VAR took centre-stage.

Inter received a debatable penalty for Edimilson Fernandes’ handball to lead 3-1, Fiorentina had a goal disallowed using VAR and seven minutes into stoppages the referee awarded a penalty to the hosts for Danilo D’Ambrosio’s handling offence, even though the images showed the ball struck his chest.

Spalletti was absolutely furious and shouting as he arrived for his post-match interview with Sky Sport Italia.

“It’s clear. It’s his chest. There is no argument here. There is no doubt here. It’s his CHEST. WE SAW IT CLEARLY. Everyone saw the VAR from the touchline, everyone saw it! IT WAS HIS CHEST.

“The first penalty he stuck his arm up and waved it around with nobody bothering him. The second, it was clearly his chest. It never even grazed his arm. Never.

“Now people are going to go oh they’re sending Spalletti away and getting someone else in, these results are decisive, they make a difference. These are fundamental results for our objectives in an entire season.

“I didn’t talk to the referee afterwards, because what could he possibly tell me? That it hit his arm when it clearly didn’t? There are no ifs and buts here, it’s clear. It is obvious.

“It is in front of our eyes. There are no doubts, there’s no maybe, no possibly, no potentially, no perhaps. So we go back to the last time we played Fiorentina, with the famous fingertips that moved on VAR.

“This is an important instrument that referees can use to see things properly.”

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