“Sports can bring People together to Fight against the Racism” Thomas Muller

Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller believes he and other athletes can help with the fight against racism.

“Sport has the power to bring people together and speak with one tongue,” Muller said.

“Everybody lives his life through his own eyes. Sometimes we have to look to our team-mate, to the other person and try and share love.

“We [need] to try and show to the world we are a community and we are strong together. We have so many different people in sport , it doesn’t matter the color.”

Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku was the subject racist abuse in Serie A game last year.


The Belgian tweeted: “Dear black women. I adore you! Thank you for holding it down for us through all the madness you have to go through. Thank you for being supportive while our backs are against the wall.. You are our backbone and I appreciate every single one of you.

“Dear black men I salute you! Many people trying to take us down but we still stand tall.. from birth we’re with our backs against the wall but some of us make it. It’s time unify and prepare the younger generation and tell them they can be great!! Keep marching peacefully and keep spraying the message.

“Black lives matter. F*** racism.”

Use “Common sense” tells FIFA to FA

FIFA has urged competition organizers to use “common sense” when considering whether to punish players for protesting against the death of Floyd during matches.

The Football Association in England has promised to take a “common-sense approach” to players involved in gestures or behavior promoting the anti-discrimination message.

An FA statement read: “The FA strongly condemns discrimination of any kind and has endeavored to ensure that football in England is both diverse and inclusive in recent years.

“Where any behaviors or gestures on the pitch that may constitute a breach of the laws of the game have to be assessed, they would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with a common-sense approach and understanding of their context.

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