Texas Congressman-Elect Dan Crenshaw Reaches Out To ‘SNL’s Pete Davidson After Troubling Instagram Post – Deadline

The rivalry-turned-unlikely friendship between Texas Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw and Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson continues to blossom after Davidson received backlash for a joke about the vet’s eyepatch. In fact, the two are showing us how decent human beings should act regardless of political views. After Davidson posted a troubling post last week, Crenshaw reached out to the SNL cast member to give him some words of encouragement.

During an interview with Houston’s NBC affiliate KPRC, the former Navy SEAL officer said that Davidson’s post was “pretty devastating.” He added, “You don’t want to see somebody in that kind of position… to the point where they’re actually putting out a cry for help on social media… that’s not a good place to be in.”

Crenshaw said he talked to Davidson personally and lent an ear to him. “We don’t go back very far, we’re not good friends,” he admitted. “But I think he appreciated hearing from me.”

He told Davidson that everyone had a purpose in this world and that “God put you here for a reason. It’s your job to find that purpose. And you should live that way.” He encouraged Davidson to know his value. “Especially a guy like that,” he added. “He makes people laugh. Sometimes he makes people mad. But he makes people laugh a lot. It was a good conversation.”

On Saturday, Davidson wrote in an Instagram post: “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore. I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last. All I’ve ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so <3.” The post had since been deleted, but fellow actors and his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande showed concern.

The aforementioned spat between the two started in November when Davidson said that Crenshaw looked like “a hitman in a porno” with his eyepatch. Crenshaw lost his eye in Afghanistan when an IED exploded and social media dragged Davidson for his joke. The two came face to face and made amends on SNL during Veteran’s Day weekend.

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