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Colton Underwood is a virgin. Let’s get that out there just in case you watched the season opener of “The Bachelor” on Monday night and missed the 156 references and jokes. The former Chargers and Raiders practice-squad player — who is the Bachelor himself in the current run of the long-running reality show — remains scoreless. 

I covered Underwood (and even did a story on his charity work) in 2015, so I figured I would watch the show for the first time ever in its 23 seasons. I also enlisted Broncos defensive tackle Shelby Harris — who was on the Raiders then and also played with Underwood at Illinois State — to help break down the pass rush moves of the 30 women on his friend. 

I cringed a lot watching the show, and I don’t know if I am rooting for Underwood, 26, to find love or just put an end to all the virgin jokes once and for all. 

It was Harris’ first time watching the show, as well. 

“That was disturbing,”…

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