The Flash recap: Nora goes through many timelines resets to save Team Flash

The season 1 parallels continued on tonight’s episode of The Flash. In the first season, Barry Allen learned a hard lesson about time travel in “Out of Time”/”Rogue Time,” the former of which was one of the season’s best episodes. Now, it’s time for Nora to go through her own crucible with time travel, which produces mixed results but was still a pretty entertaining hour thanks to both Jessica Parker Kennedy and Carlos Valdes’ performances.

The hour begins with Cisco prepping for his date with Kamilla at the Tannhauser facility when his computer goes off and lets him know the metahuman cure is ready. However, there’s one problem: It won’t be ready for use for another 29 days because it needs time to synthesize or something. Naturally, the rest of the team is pretty bummed out about the news since, as Cisco points out, this is the earliest they’ve ever come up with a solution to beat their big bad. Thankfully, Sherloque has a plan: Barry can speed up the process by taking the cure into the Speed Force, which would reduce the wait to an hour. So Barry throws on his suit and heads into that ineffable dark matter void — which then leads to another Grant Gustin-less hour. I suspect this episode was light on our star to accommodate his honeymoon. Luckily, the rest of the cast is more than up to the task of carrying the show without him.

With Barry in the Speed Force, it falls on Nora to keep the city and the team safe for an hour. You’d be surprised by how much goes wrong in that time. First, Iris returns to her newspaper office to do some work, but then Cicada shows up and kidnaps her. Meanwhile, Cisco goes out on his date with Kamilla, which goes terribly because Ralph psyched him out with photos of Kamilla’s old boyfriends. So Cisco walks into Jitters essentially cosplaying his Flashpoint persona, which is a major turn off for Kamilla, but pretty entertaining to watch because of Valdes’ commitment to the bit. And reader, we stan people who commit to bits.

Needless to say, the date starts going downhill from the moment he arrives. Midway through, he receives an alert on his phone that something’s wrong. The team receives the same alert at S.T.A.R. Labs, and XS and Killer Frost race out to save Iris from Cicada, who has her tied up on the roof of her office building. Cicada planned for their arrival and the moment XS and Killer Frost arrives, his dagger comes flying out of the air and stabs Killer Frost in the back. Overwhelmed with emotion, Nora speeds off and ends up reversing time, which takes her back to S.T.A.R. Labs the moment after her father left.

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