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No moron.

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Prior to 2016, Meghan Markle was famous for being a very pretty but mediocre actress. Now she’s the Duchess of Sussex, bona fide royalty, married to Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. As a biracial American, she brings much-needed genetic diversity — and a set of killer cheekbones — to the monarchy. Unfortunately, she’s also brought with her the worst habits of modern millennials.

The Duchess is at times a parody of woke Californians, reportedly banning her husband not just from alcohol but also from tea and coffee. Her preferred substitute? Mineral water.

There’s more: At the behest of his wife, the prince now refuses to engage in family hunts, despite the fact that game at the royals’ Sandringham residence needs to be managed. According to a palace source, “She has accepted this but doesn’t like watching it.”

The Millennial Duchess is also bringing reality TV antics to the palace, reportedly sowing division among the notoriously close, family-oriented sons of Princess Diana. The division spurred by Meghan is apparently so bad that not even Kate Middleton, the fresh-faced commoner largely seen as reviving the monarchy’s popularity, gets along with the actress.

The Duchess will likely never become the Queen. The British throne follows absolute primogeniture, meaning that all three of Prince William’s children, regardless of gender, hold precedence over the second son of the Prince of Wales. But even though William comes second to his father, Brits have long speculated that the scandal-ridden Prince Charles would be strong-armed into abdicating in favor of his far more popular son.

So it’s no wonder that Prince Charles has taken a liking to Markle. He wants a shot at the throne before Prince William takes over, and what better way to subvert William than by favoring the social-climbing wife of his younger brother?

Meghan’s no moron. She went to Northwestern University and is the only self-made female millionaire in the royal family. She nabbed the part of a lifetime and, for better or worse, she’s making a splash in a way only the Internet generation would understand.

Or maybe Meghan just exemplifies an American Duchess. Tabloids say that she wishes to return to Hollywood. Her predecessor in that respect, Wallis Simpson, hated her foray into royalty, swearing she’d “hate it to my grave.”

No one knows what happens behind closed doors, and it’s perfectly plausible that Markle’s critics within her own family, from whom she is mostly estranged, are terrible. But Markle appears to be a stereotypical millennial.

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