The Shield will hold a ‘farewell address’ to kick off Raw tonight – Cageside Seats

As announced by WWE:

This all still feels so very, very strange. WWE announced Dean Ambrose would be leaving the company when his contract is up in late April, and they’ve been hammering that point in storyline ever since. They’ve openly discussed “greener pastures” on commentary via his wife, Renee Young, and this entire farewell tour with The Shield is only happening because he’s leaving.

This is pro wrestling, so it’s hard not to be suspicious of all of it. Having said that, reports from various trusted media outlets confirm Ambrose is still planning on leaving.

Either way, it’s made for some truly special moments, like Seth Rollins screaming “one more motherfucking time” before the triple powerbomb that got the win at Fastlane. Then, the trio embracing in the ring right after said win.

We may get another special moment on Raw. Follow along with it here.

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