The Week in Pictures: April 4 – 11


Week in Pictures

Assange arrested in London, Netanyahu re-elected in Israel, Sudan’s president steps down and more.


Notre Dame restoration

A crane carries the statue of St. Andrew from Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral before lowering it onto a truck to be taken for restoration on April 11. 

— Francois Mori / AP

Image: Julian Assange Appears At Westminster Magistrates Court

Assange arrested

Julian Assange gives the thumbs up from a police vehicle on his arrival at Westminster Magistrates court in London on April 11.

The Justice Department revealed Thursday that it has charged Assange with computer hacking hours after the fugitive founder of WikiLeaks was arrested in London on behalf of a U.S. request to extradite him.

— Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Image: woman confronts security forces

A woman confronts security forces during a demonstration against Algeria’s interim leadership in Algiers on April 10.The protesters pushed out longtime President Abdelaziz Bouteflika last week but now want other top officials to step down too.

— Mosa’ab Elshamy / AP

Image: Louisiana Church Burned Aftermath

The burnt ruins of the Greater Union Baptist Church, one of three that recently burned down in St. Landry Parish, in Opelousas, Louisiana, on April 10.

A suspect in custody in connection with the fires was identified Thursday morning as Holden Matthews, 21, the son of a local sheriff’s deputy. 

— Gerald Herbert / AP


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, addresses his supporters at the Machane Yehuda market in Jerusalem on April 8.

A final count of election ballots on Thursday granted Netanyahu’s Likud party an additional seat in parliament, making it the largest faction in the Knesset and punctuating the Israeli leader’s victory.

— Thomas Coex / AFP – Getty Images

Image: Remnants Of Bankrupted Presidents Park Stored On Private Family Farm In Croaker, Virginia

Standing nearly 20-feet-high, U.S. presidential busts sit on Howard Hankins’ property in Croaker, Virginia, on April 9.

Hankins is seeking to restore the massive sculptures that once sat in Presidents Park.

— Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Image: Central American migrants turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol as they seek asylum after illegally crossing the Rio Grande near Penitas

Central American migrants turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol as they seek asylum after illegally crossing the Rio Grande near Penitas, Texas, on April 6.

— Loren Elliott / Reuters

Image: The first photograph of a black hole and its fiery halo.

Scientists unveiled  the first-ever photograph of a black hole on April 10, giving humanity a glimpse of a bizarre celestial object that has captivated our imagination for more than a century.

The photo is the product of observations made in April 2017 by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), an international consortium that linked eight radio observatories around the world to create a single, Earth-size telescope with enough magnifying might to see what until now has been unseeable.

The photo shows the supermassive black hole at the center of a neighboring galaxy known as Messier 87. The black hole lies about 55 million light-years from Earth and is billions of times more massive than the sun.

— European Southern Observatory / AFP – Getty Images

Image: An aerial view shows pollen haze tinting the environment yellow over an area in Durham, North Carolina

Pollen haze over an area of Durham, North Carolina, on April 8.

— Jeremy Gilchrist / via Reuters


Water is sprayed in apricot orchards to protect blooming buds with a thin layer of ice, in the middle of the Swiss Alps, in Martigny, Canton of Valais, Switzerland, on April 5.

With an unusually low temperature forecast for the season, fruit growers try to protect buds from frost damage with icy water.

— Valentin Flauraud / Keystone via AP


A young boy dressed as a policeman stands as voters wait in a queue to cast their ballots in village Sawaal near Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, on April 11.

Voters in 18 Indian states and two Union Territories began casting ballots on Thursday, the first day of a seven-phase election staggered over six weeks in the country of 1.3 billion people. The election, the world’s largest democratic exercise, is seen as a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party.

— Altaf Qadri / AP


A zookeeper works with a sea lion during training for medical intervention at the Vincennes zoological gardens (Parc zoologique de Vincennes) in Paris on April 4.

— Philippe Lopez / AFP – Getty Images


A person holds a candle during a vigil to remember the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide in Kigali, Rwanda, on April 7. 

Twenty-five years after the start of its genocide, in which some 800,000 people were killed, Rwanda is rebuilding with hope and shines with a new light, said President Paul Kagame.

Speaking at commemoration services Sunday, Kagame said that Rwandans would never turn against each other again.

— Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP – Getty Images

Fog in New York City

A man walks past a fog shrouded Empire State Building in New York on April 6.

— Gary Hershorn / Getty Images


An asylum seeker stands outside El Chaparral port of entry in Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico, as he waits to request asylum in the U.S., on April 9.

— Guillermo Arias / AFP – Getty Images

Image: A Sudanese woman gestures during a protest demanding Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir to step down along a bridge in Khartoum

A woman stands on top a car during a protest demanding Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir step down in Khartoum, on April 8.

Al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan with an iron fist for 30 years, was on Thursday overthrown in a coup by the armed forces which announced a two-year period of military rule to be followed by elections.

— Lana H. Haroun / Reuters


Stars fill the sky over Dunstanburgh Castle in the early hours of the morning, between the villages of Craster and Embleton, in Northumberland, England, on April 11.

The Week in Picture: March 28 – April 4

— Owen Humphreys / PA via AP

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