This Bazzi Super Fan Just Got Three Giant Framed Photos From Her Mom

A 17-year-old Bazzi super fan and her equally obsessed mom are proving a point: Stanning doesn’t have to be kept a secret from your family.

That’s the lesson to be learned after Tammy surprised her daughter, Savannah, with three massive photos of Bazzi, one of the high school student’s all-time favorite artists. Just as much as Savannah shares her fandom online, both mother and daughter express their love of Bazzi in the real world, too.

Just one day after seeing Bazzi for the first time at 106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball in Dallas, Tammy pulled out all the stops for her daughter. Though Tammy’s rather new to the “Beautiful” singer’s fandom, Savannah is a long-term, card-carrying member.

“I started to stan fully this April when he released Cosmic, his album,” Savannah tells MTV News. “I immediately felt a connection to the album and the fact that he literally put his heart and soul into it. The lyrics and meaning behind each song are so powerful and I think that’s what made me fall in love with them.”

And while her mom wasn’t a full-fledged fan just yet, Tammy was fully aware of Bazzi as a result of Savannah’s stanning and attendance at the Cosmic tour earlier this year.

“[My mom] was super excited because of how highly I talk about him and his stage presence,” Savannah explains. “We saw him and, of course, she fell more in love, so the next day she spends time looking him up and watching all his interviews on YouTube. And while she’s doing this, she’s texting me the whole time while I was in school and telling me all the new stuff she found out about him.”

Little did Savannah know, Tammy was plotting the giant photo surprise for her daughter as a birthday present.

“I loved his music even more after hearing him live!” Tammy tells MTV News about Bazzi’s performance. “After seeing all the great photos of Bazzi on Instagram, I thought this would be a great idea. I mean, come on; who wouldn’t love looking at his beautiful face everyday all day?!”

Savannah’s tweet showing her mom with the three life-size Bazzis immediately caught the love and affection of fellow fans, all in agreement that Tammy is the definition of mom goals.

“I was pretty shocked at all the attention the photo got,” Tammy says. “I mean it’s just me being me.”

ohmygod we decided to stan

— 𝖒𝖊𝖌 (@bazzifuI) November 30, 2018

O M G…..I love this. and her….and you.

— Hayley (@HoldOnHayleyy) November 29, 2018

Being supportive of her daughter’s interests isn’t anything new for Tammy. In fact, it’s Savannah and Tammy’s shared fandom of Bazzi and other musicians that keeps their relationship so tight.

“It honestly means the world to me that she supports me and my stan life, for Bazzi and for other artists,” Savannah says about her mom. “She’s my best friend and I always keep her up to date with the new artists nowadays.”

Tammy’s parenting philosophy is different from what most would expect from a stan’s parents. She actively makes an effort to listen to what Savannah’s into and show support for her daughter’s interests.

“I was told most parents don’t get into their kids’ music much,” Tammy explains. “I’m a firm believer in order to stay close and connected, sometimes we have to join them in their likes and dislikes!”

“Parents are so busy nowadays making a living they forget the little things,” Tammy continues. “It’s the little things that mean the most! And my daughter Savannah is my top priority!”

As far as the three framed photos go, Savannah and Tammy already have a plan for where they’re going.

“I’m definitely planning on hanging them up,” Savannah says. “My mom has already said she wants the larger one put in her room, being it’s the first time she’s seen Bazzi and she wants a huge picture of his face hanging in her room. I couldn’t agree more.”

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