This Priceless One Direction Meme Is The Only Good Thing About 2019

If you’re anything like us, your entire life revolves around collecting up a series of weird memes and firing them off to your friends whenever they try and initiate a serious conversation.


Even though it feels like 2019 has taken the last part of our soul and crushed it into the ground, there are still certain things to be thankful for; mainly the existence of One Direction themed memes.

If you can cast your mind back to 2014, you might recall an underrated and downright cracking track on the band’s album called ‘Act My Age.’ ICYMI, it’s the kind of song that brings out the drunk pirate in everyone who hears it.

At the time, it became a rare Vine that certain Directioners treasured for a good few months. Flash forward to February 2019 and a Twitter user called @ccrstrna brought it back from the dead with a Titanic themed message. From there, it’s gone fully viral in the best way.

Some comments are health themed

Others make reference to Shakespeare

More chart the events of Harry Potter

Harry, Hermoine and Ron after destroying school property, playing with time travel, fighting death eaters, putting every other student in danger and sill getting an extra 500 points at the end of school year

— Sting (@kingfumz) February 17, 2019

Some remarks are Oscar themed

And the best involve the Baudelaire orphans 

There’s no knowing how long this meme will hold a special place in our hearts, but unless someone creates a video that is more iconic than three people dancing in sync to a vintage 1D track then we’ll continue to play it forever and ever, amen.

Feel free to join us.

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