Three Raptor Engines Revealed SpaceX Starship Hopper

Three Raptor Engines Revealed SpaceX Starship Hopper

Brian Wang |
January 1, 2019 |

There previously was a wall covering the base of the SpaceX Starship Hopper. The wall has been removed to reveal three Raptor engines.

The Starhopper could be shorter than the final Starship. The Starship will need to be connected to a main booster section for the final Super Heavy Starship.

Starhopper tests will be performed at the SpaceX Texas facility. These tests should start in March or April.

It should be sent to orbit in 2020.

The engines are being assembled 😱😱 #SpaceX

— Jack Manning (@Xellitron) January 1, 2019

SpaceX to Launch a Starship Spaceship Prototype this Spring – The Muskette

— The Muskette (@themuskette) December 30, 2018

At least about one point I was right! They should put the middle part soon! It should be really big! And this is just the Starship! The whole device, with the SuperHeavy Rocket might be at least double higher! 😱

— Gabriel Rissoli (@gabrielrissoli) December 29, 2018

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