Total lunar eclipse this weekend – KATC Lafayette News

Once the Saints game is over Sunday night, you can experience yet another phenomenon that is out of this world.

Beginning around 9:30 in the evening and lasting until a little after midnight, there will be a total lunar eclipse.

The moon will be at its maximum eclipse at 11:12 p.m.

While the moon is fully blocked out by the Earth’s shadow, it will turn an orangish-red color.

Picture of what the moon will look like during maximum eclipse

If you would like to watch the eclipse with a crowd, you can go to downtown Lafayette.

Dave Hostetter, curator of the planetarium at the Lafayette Science Museum, says, “You can also see it by coming down to Parc Sans Souci if it’s a clear night. We’ll have some telescopes out, and we will show people the eclipse through the telescopes.”

If you would rather stay home, you can watch the eclipse online as they will be live streaming it on the Lafayette Science Museum YouTube channel.

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