Trade Deal, Venezuela and Other News Updates

Trade Deal, Venezuela and Other News Updates

Brian Wang |
February 23, 2019 |

1. On the Venezuela-Colombia border, thirteen or more members of the Venezuelan security forces defected on Saturday.

A military outpost near the Venezuela-Brazil border has been taken over by a militia loyal to President Maduro, according to VPI TV.

There are competing but separate rallies of Maduro and Guido supporters.

There has been violence and clashes at the border where Maduro forces are trying to stop aid from being brought into Venezuela. Some aid appears to be getting into Venezuela.

El régimen usurpador se vale de los actos más viles e intenta quemar el camión con ayuda humanitaria que se encuentra en Ureña.

Nuestros valientes voluntarios están realizando una cadena para salvaguardar la comida y las medicinas.

La avalancha humanitaria es indetenible

— Juan Guaidó (@jguaido) February 23, 2019

There are four dead and twenty injured in the border aid skirmishes.

2. China has said they will buy $1.2 trillion in U.S. goods as part of a trade deal. The issue of China forcing the transfer of intellectual property still needs to be resolved. The final meeting between Trump and Xi is expected to occur in March. The deadline for any further trade penalties will be deferred.

3. There appears to be continuing positive developments toward another summit with North Korea and possible progress towards denuclearization and a peace deal.

SOURCES- Reuters, Guido twitter, BBC , CNBC

Written By Brian Wang

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