Trump is a Racist and a Fool: Lady Gaga

An “outraged” Lady Gaga took to social media on Saturday conveying a message of anger regarding the death of George Floyd while also calling U.S. President Donald Trump a “racist” and a “fool.”

The lengthy statement was issued as dozens of ant-police brutality protest took place in the U.S., triggered by the death of Floyd, a Black man who died after a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minn., pressed a knee on his neck.

Before taking aim at Trump, Gaga, 34, expressed her outrage over not only Floyd’s death but other Black lives “that have been taken” as a result of “systemic racism and the corrupt systems that support it.”


“We have known for a long time that President Trump has failed,” the Bad Romance singer wrote, criticizing the 73-year-old. “He holds the most powerful office in the world, yet offers nothing but ignorance and prejudice while Black lives continue to be taken.

“We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office,” added Gaga. “He is fueling a system that is already rooted in racism, and racist activity, and we can all see what is happening.”

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