TV review: Hugo Rifkind on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch; Les Misérables – The Times

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Les Misérables
(BBC One)

There’s a particular sort of listlessness — joyless, lonely, existentially bleak — that I only really associate with the computer games I used to play in my adolescence. It’s 2am, and you’re knackered. Your eyes ache, burning twin tunnels back into your brain, which thrums with the dull amphetamine buzz of extended gameplay. Long ago, you eked out the last bit of real pleasure of whatever it is you are playing, but you still feel obsessively compelled to trudge around, trying things, opening things, shooting things, until every avenue has been explored. Yet you know, even as you do so, that it’s a fundamentally pointless activity. Your fake reality contains nobody who cares whether you do this or not, not…

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