Tyson Fury’s Coach’s Reaction To The 12th Round Of The Deontay Wilder Fight

Tyson Fury's Coach's Reaction To The 12th Round Of The Deontay Wilder Fight

It’s still amazing to think back at how Tyson Fury rose from the mat in the 12th round of his world heavyweight title fight with Deontay Wilder, now we can relive it through his coach’s position.

Tyson Fury had completed a remarkable boxing comeback to get back into the ring once in 2018 but by his third fight the Gypsy King was going one on one with fellow undefeated heavyweight Deontay Wilder, the holder of the WBC title.

The Bronze Bomber was expected to win, there wasn’t really anyone giving the British boxer who was two rubbish fights into a comeback after three years, fighting an undefeated American knockout artist, in America, a chance.

But Fury was the better man throughout. Twice he was knocked down to the floor, in the ninth and 12th rounds, but even in those losing rounds he was still the better man from bell to bell.

The second knockdown should have been enough to keep any man down for the 10 count but instead the 30 year old got to his feet in order to make it to the score cards.

That 12th round will go down in history as a classic and now BT have posted a video showing his coach, Ben Davidson, and everything he went through in the final three minutes:

The security guard is unfortunately over aggressive towards Davidson who is understandably on his feet as his boxer receives what should be a KO punch.

Davidson is seen celebrating at the final bell and it’s understandable why, not only had his fighter got to the end of the round but everyone thought that Fury had won the fight.

Fury had time to show off during the fight. Image: PA Images

Fury had time to show off during the fight. Image: PA Images

The fight left both men undefeated, Wilder still holds the WBC belt and Fury still hold the lineal championship. Fortunately we should get a more conclusive winner as the WBC have ordered the two men to fight again.

Hopefully it won’t be quite as emotional for Davidson, it doesn’t look like he could handle another 12 rounds like the ones we got back in December.

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