Unseasonably mild Boxing Day as 2018 will bow out on a gloomy note

Boxing Day shoppers bask in highs of 12C as Britain enjoys unseasonably mild festive weather (but 2018 will bow out on a gloomy note)

  • Temperatures are well above average for this time of year, as parts of the country will hit double figures of 11C 
  • After a mild Christmas Day, bargain-hunters on Boxing Day also enjoyed a surprisingly warm and sunny day 
  • However, there could be a frosty end to the year as temperatures get colder while we approach the New Year 


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21:08 EST, 25 December 2018

15:52 EST, 26 December 2018


Shoppers enjoyed a surprisingly warm day of bargain hunting today, with Boxing Day temperatures well above the yearly average. 

December averages usually hover around 7C (45F) but temperatures hit double figures across the country today, reaching highs of 11C (52F). 

And the mild weather is set to continue at least until the weekend, with generous cloud cover keeping the frost away for a little longer. 

However, temperatures will start to get colder as we move toward the end of 2018, raising fears of a icy New Year.

A frosty but sunny start to the day in the Cambridgeshire Fens near Ely Cathedral on Christmas morning – as fog is expected to descend across Britain going into the New Year

Tom Southern and son Harris, six, from Cornwall who were having fun sledging at Cairngorm on Boxing Day, despite the weather being warmer than expected

The weather at Cairngorm on Boxing Day was an unseasonal 10C but there are still patches of snow remaining from earlier in the winter

Despite fears of frost, the Met Office says that temperatures will only get gradually colder as we approach the New Year. 

Today’s mild Boxing Day comes after an equally warm and mild Christmas day. 

There was no white Christmas – to the dismay of some – and the unseasonably mild weather looks set to continue for now.

However, while the cloud will keep us warm for a little while longer, it could cause some other issues. 

Grey and foggy conditions tonight and going into Friday could potentially cause problems for drivers in central and southern England.

The sky filled with colour over the North Sea just before sunrise on Christmas day at Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

The last time we had a white Christmas was in 2010 – when 80 per cent of weather stations recorded snowfall.

Hopes for another one were raised after Storm Deirdre brought icy conditions to the north of England and much of Scotland earlier this month.

Heading into Thursday and through until Saturday, wet and windy weather is expected on the north. 

It will be large dry but often cloudy further south with fog at times.   

There was less chaos on motorways than expected during the Christmas getaway, despite 2.5million extra vehicles being on the road.

Clear weather conditions helped make trips to see family as smooth as possible, and traffic was generally good.

An RAC spokesman said: ‘Some areas have been busy around town centres today due to last-minute shopping, but it’s mostly local congestion.’  

The sun rises over the North Sea at Whitley Bay, North Tyneside on Christmas day. Clear weather conditions helped make trips to see family as smooth as possible, and traffic was generally good


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