Valencia CF Brutally Troll Gary Neville On Twitter When Responding To A Fan

Valencia CF Brutally Troll Gary Neville On Twitter When Responding To A Fan

Gary Neville’s spell as a first team manager was interesting, to say the least.

When he was eventually relieved of his duties after four months in charge, Valencia were just six points clear of the relegation zone, recording a disappointing three wins out of a possible 16 league games.

In that time the club failed to record a single clean sheet.

Of course, the former Manchester United defender has joked about his time in Spain on a number of occasions, including regular exchanges on Monday Night Football with Jamie Carragher.

But even he might have been hurt by Valencia’s last tweet.

Valencia’s official Twitter account decided to respond to a fan who demanded they follow back on Twitter or their former manager will take over again.

“You got yourself a new follower.”

Since his sacking, former Valencia goalkeeper Mathew Ryan revealed why it didn’t work out for the former Manchester United defender:

“It was a tough job going into a foreign country and trying to change a club like Valencia.

“It is a club that is a close knit family. The fans are Valencia people and it is a hard culture to break in to. His back was up against the wall from the moment he took charge and unfortunately for him we were not able to get the results we needed.

“It was unfortunate it ended the way it did. I still have the utmost respect for him and what he has achieved as a coach and what he will achieve in the future.

“The biggest thing was results. When they are not there the pressure grows. Coaches are the most cut-throat victims of this game.”

Ryan did, however, go on to say that Neville would be a good manager in the future:

“He can definitely be a good manager in the future. It is like a player who makes a mistake. It doesn’t mean he can’t learn and move on and become better.

“You just have to go and keep doing it. He has enough coaching qualities and knowledge to make it happen. He will lean from his time at Valencia. He has a fair bit of experience with the national team.

“Coming up against him will be quite funny after him being the coach.

“He was in charge for four months and I saw him every day and got to know him well. It will be good to see him.”

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