Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Home Alone Parody Is Brilliant

Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo's Home Alone Parody Is Brilliant

Home Alone is easily one of the greatest Christmas films of all-time. But it’s undeniably got absolutely nothing on this parody of the 1990 classic created in Portugal, which stars five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s mum Dona Dolores features in the spoof, with Ronaldo taking on Kevin McAllister’s role.

The clip involves him doing the usual ‘slap on aftershave on the face’ scene as well as signing “I wish you a Merry Christmas” and frightening off a Pizza guy with the same technique Kevin famously used on the burglars.

Credit: MEO

The one minute clip is probably better than all of the Home Alone films that don’t feature Kevin McCallister, if we’re being totally honest.

Ronaldo, however, isn’t the only footballer to parody famous Home Alone scenes. This year, Manchester City got their very own Kevin to recreate it all by getting De Bruyne involved.

Some of the GIFs are pure gold:

The resemblance really is uncanny…

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