Watching Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory Rise Before Our Eyes Through 2019

Watching Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory Rise Before Our Eyes Through 2019

Brian Wang |
January 17, 2019 |

Tesla Shanghai Lingang Gigafactory 3 construction is well underway and large amounts of heavy equipment are operating on the site.

SpaceX was able to build the structure of the Starhopper in one month and Tesla a third Model 3 production line in three weeks under a tent. How fast will Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory be built?

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau is helping to build Gigafactory 2. It is a subsidiary of China Construction, which is owned by the government.

Pictures and videos tracking the construction will be coming out of China every week. We will see the factory rise before our eyes.

How long until the foundation is laid? I would guess 45 days or less.

How long until the building structure is completed? I would say 90 days or less.

Elon Musk has said the factory should be complete within 6 months.

How long until the first cars are produced? Elon Musk has said Model 3 cars should be produced by the end of 2019 at the China Gigafactory.

(Pictures) Tesla Shanghai Lingang Gigafactory 3- Jan 17th 2019 $TSLA #Tesla #China #TeslaChina #GF3

— Vincent (@vincent13031925) January 17, 2019

Tesla is Favored by Chinese Leaders

Tesla was the first company allowed to be the sole owner of a car factory in China. Sole ownership of a car fatory was not given to other carmakers operating in the country.

Local banks competed to give Tesla low-interest loans.

China’s national and city government are aligning policy to ensure Tesla has a fast construction.

Tesla was able to secure the 864,885-square meter plot of land without any rival bidders.

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