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(WKBN) – As 2018’s hunting and fishing seasons come to a close, there are some important things that you need to know in the new year. 

In an effort to control and contain the Chronic Wasting Disease affecting Whitetail deer, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources ruled that “high-risk” parts of the deer, moose, elk and caribou are no longer allowed to be transported back into the state.

This is to eliminate the spread of this deadly disease.  

Also, there is a new rule that hunters will no longer be able to harvest antlerless deer on public lands after the conclusion of the firearms season. The rule that went into effect this season and will continue until further notice. 

For the first time, ODNR has allowed resident sportsmen to purchase multiple-year licenses for fishing or hunting. You can lock-in rates and avoid transaction fees now for a three, five and 10 years.

There are also lifetime resident licenses available, regardless of where you live in the future. The prices range from $29 to $468, and permits and stamps must be purchased separately. 

As you dust off your rods and reels, beginning January 1, 2019, there is a new permit now being required to fish the Lake Erie.

The $11 fee is just for non-residents only fishing the big lake from January 1 through April 30.

The money generated from these permits will be used to battle invasive species, gain more public access and for fish management projects in Lake Erie. 

And, if you plan on going ice fishing, make sure that you test the ice first, have at least 4″ of new clear ice before trekking out on foot. You need at least 5″ of ice for snowmobiles or ATVs.

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For more information on hunting rules, visit ODNR’s website.

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