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Today on Instagram, Kris Jenner dropped a teaser trailer for Kendall Jenner. Like, the very concept of her daughter. Kendall will be sharing something very personal on Twitter Sunday night (possibly during the Golden Globes), and Kris is very proud of whatever that is. “When I was 14, I couldn’t reach as many people as I can now,” Kendall says in the interview. Now that she has this platform, she wants to let people know that something is “normal.” BUT WHAT? It’s all very vague. Some commenters think this is a very weird spon moment for Proactiv, others think it could be about anxiety or learning disabilities. Below are some less likely possibilities:

  • Kendall is a supertaster
  • Kendall is a cyborg
  • Kendall is the one who stole the cookies from the cookie jar
  • Kendall’s real dad is MC Skat Kat
  • Kendall always preferred Mad About You to Friends
  • Kendall doesn’t know what a podcast is, and she refuses to learn
  • Kendall knows where a real Stargate is, and uses it frequently
  • Kendall still thinks truck nuts are funny
  • Kendall is shoe faceblind, all shoes look the same to her
  • Kendall has stopped believing, even though Journey told her not to

Any one of these could be very real and very brave of her to share. Except that Mad About You one. That would be insane.

What On Earth Could Kendall Jenner Be Sharing?

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