WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Wants Women’s Tag Team Championship Match At Wrestlemania

WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Wants Women's Tag Team Championship Match At Wrestlemania

WWE superstar Mandy Rose wants to mark her second Wrestlemania appearance with a women’s tag team title match against Bayley and Sasha Banks – better known as the ‘Boss n Hug connection’.

Rose and best friend Sonya Deville just fell short in the Elimination Chamber match to crown inaugural champions after an impressive display.

And after Bayley spoke of her and Sasha’s interest in putting their titles on the line against the two former Tough Enough competitors, the Golden Goddess says there is unfinished business.

Image: WWE

Image: WWE

“Sonya and I are ready for the challenge,” Rose stated ahead of Smackdown LIVE on Tuesday night.

“To be honest I think Sonya and I are the perfect match to take on Sasha and Bayley for the women’s tag team titles because we were the ones that started with them in the chamber and ended it with them in the chamber.

“I think we deserve to be the next team to get that opportunity so I’m ready for it. I have a Smackdown women’s title opportunity on Sunday, win that and then go on to Wrestlemania and get those tag team titles as well.”

Rose does have her hands full before then as she has the not-so-small matter of her first ever singles pay-per-view match, for the title, against Asuka at Fast Lane on Sunday.

Image: WWE

Image: WWE

She earned the opportunity thanks to a victory over the Empress of Tomorrow on Smackdown last week but is well aware of the damage the experience Japanese wrestler is capable of.

“Asuka is an incredible superstar and she’s been wrestling for a long time so I’ve been watching old footage of her,” the 27-year old added.

“I’ve worked her a few times in NXT so she’s not really unfamiliar to me. I have my strategies and my plans so we’ll wait and see.”

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